Matthew 28:18-20, Matthew 13:20-23

1. Roots (connection)- A tree without roots cannot survive (Matthew 13:20-21)The disciple must be intentional about making connections and staying connected to the body. The church must be intentional about maintaining connections when lives get out of routine.

2. Branches (engagement)- The branches reach out into the world. They produce seed, provide shade and bear fruit. (Matthew 13:22)The disciple must be intentional about the engagement of themselves and others in the mission of the church. 

3. Good soil (cultivation)- Every tree must be planted in good soil, soil that is rich in nutrients. (Matthew 13:23)The disciple is intentional about their own spiritual growth and contributing towards the spiritual growth of others. Every disciple must be planted In an environment that cultivates spiritual growth.

All three are needed for growth.