Ground Zero Church of the Nazarene

1. When the Metaphorical Bomb (SIN) goes off in the city. When people are hurting,  addicted and afflicted, we are the church that runs in and meets there. That is why we call ourselves the church at Ground Zero. We want to do more than just show compassion towards people. We want to bring the church to them and do life with them. 

2. We are one church with multiple congregations. We are on mission to love God,  love people and make Christlike disciples in our city. We are doing this by starting new congregations that meet throughout the city in rented facilities. We have a goal of starting 100 congregations before Jesus comes back. 

The Lord planted us   

In the Heart of CVille

To love God and love people

And to live by His will.

For when we gather

All in one place

His Spirit descends

In Mercy and Grace.

"Jesus is Lord"

Is proclaimed in our prayers

For He shows us the Way

And frees us of despairs.

We are as branches

For He is our Vine

And through fellowship

Our lives intertwine.

In the breaking of bread

Our souls find release

As we become One

With our Prince of Peace

The Love of our Lord

Sets our hearts aflame

And through prayer and service

We honor His name.

So join us on Sunday

If you're free at 10;

Just come as you are

And you'll leave as a friend

-James Irving Mann

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